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22 Jul 2019


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Review by Frederick Barton (Cybersecurity Editor)

on 22 Jul 2019

If you run out of disk space, you may want to remove some data you don't need anymore, before thinking about buying another one. Alternate Directory can help you clear entire directories and even disk partitions of files you don't need. The software is designed more for advanced users, rather than beginners. It removes files with specific extensions, and it lets you specify what kind of extensions to look for. You can choose between three predefined extension selections or you can compile your own list if you work with a specific type of file. It may not be as straightforward as other cleanup utilities, but it gives you more control.

The software is compatible with numerous Windows versions, from Win 98 to Win 10. You can install it on your computer in less than a minute, without making any complicated settings. It doesn't use a significant amount of resources, and it doesn't require any special tools or services.

Using Alternate Directory is a simple matter of targeting a local folder and clicking a button to delete all the files in that folder if they have certain extensions. Of course, you can make various settings and preview which files will be deleted before you commit to anything. Besides targetting a folder, on the application's compact user interface, you can also tick two checkboxes, to display delete dialogs and to set the software to send the files to the Recycle Bin. Additionally, Alternate Directory can shut itself down or shut down the computer, once it's done deleting the files.

The software is set to delete files with specific extensions, but you can step in if you want to, and add new extensions to the list or remove existing ones. To make things easier, Alternate Directory lets you choose between three sets of extensions, marked "Standard", "Advanced" and "Critical". If you only want to remove some temporary data from a certain folder or partition, the first two options are more than suitable for this task, but if you want to do some serious cleaning, the last option would make more sense, though you have to be careful not to delete something important.

The software lets you edit the extensions list you've selected, so if you want to delete a specific file type, you can just write its extensions at the bottom of the list. Furthermore, if you want to leave a certain folder untouched, or remove everything from another folder, you can add them to separate lists, and Alternate Directory will take care of them for you.

Alternate Directory lets you decide what kind of files should be removed from your hard drive when it's time for a routine cleanup.


You can delete files with specific extensions from a folder or drive. The software places three predefined extension selections at your disposal. It also lets you add extensions manually.


You can target only one folder or drive for normal cleanup.

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